Ella Solutions was founded in January 2012. The initial services were software development and data analysis but have since evolved to include website development, business statistics and IT risk management. In 2015, Ella Solutions was incorporated and renamed Ella Solutions Limited.

Our goal is to enable businesses in Uganda and the East African Community (EAC) perform on a global scale by increasing efficiency in their production and marketing. Through customized software development, website development, statistics and IT risk management, the company  focuses on delivering the following business solutions;

>> Fast, convenient and affordable product and service delivery;

>> Optimal leveraging of websites as brand amplifiers, sales drivers and alternative customer service channels;

>> Use of statistics to inform and drive business strategies; AND

>> Optimal return on information technology (IT) investments.


The leading provider of websites, business software, statistical consulting and IT risk management in Uganda and East Africa


To enable businesses in Uganda and East Africa increase their competitive advantage through websites, business software, business statistics and IT risk management that are tailored to their needs.



We maintain the highest level of integrity by keeping our promise to clients and stakeholders, maintaining open communication lines and abiding by the governing laws and regulations.


We serve our clients with unswerving attention in order to deliver timely tailored solutions. We believe that commitment to our clients is the vessel to their growth and lasting business relationships.


Ella Solutions offers a unique combination of creativity, the latest technology and the client’s vision to develop, implement and maintain fine solutions for her clients.

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